You gave my baby deadly ****ing nightshade …..

 In 1992 I lived in the north of England, I was an enthusiastic amateur Homeopath armed with a lunch box filled with all the remedies I could buy from the health food shop. My kit contained the usual suspects all in a 30c and sometimes a 6c too ….. Pulsatilla was a favourite and Staphisagria and Ignatia as well.
It was a warm sunny April day when I popped to see my friend Mary and her eighteen month old toddler Louis. She was tired and complaining that her sleep was being broken by Louis’ constant grinding of his teeth at night. They lived in a tiny one bedroomed flat with her husband Chris and there was no escaping this teeth grinding small guy. He wasn’t sleeping well and they weren’t either. The 3am wakenings were getting too much and Mary continued that Louis was restless but sleepy and just almost constantly grinding his teeth.
I offered to take Louis so Mary could get a break, popped him into the buggy and wandered off to the park ensuring that he did not doze off on the way. My rookie Homeopath brain went into overdrive as I pushed him on the swings then I headed home with him and perused my relatively new Miranda Castro book …. I alighted upon Belladonna …I took the bottle of 30c back with me and suggested that Mary just give him one pillule at bedtime.
The following day I rang Mary to see if the Belladonna had helped and Chris answered the phone … He was a brusque Yorkshireman who did not mince his words …”Fiona, you gave my baby effin Deadly Nightshade …. I looked up what that Belladonna is” he laughed “It worked though, best nights sleep we have all had in weeks”

From Miranda Castro …The Complete Homeopathy Handbook on Belladonna “The Homeopathic preparation is made from the entire plant which is gathered when coming into flower, then chopped and pounded to a fine pulp. The juice is expressed, mixed with alcohol and left to stand for eight days before being filtered and succussed” belladonna-2532362_640.jpg
I am a registered Homeopath based in Edinburgh in Scotland working pretty much exclusively online via Skype etc.