A cold sore before the wedding …

 This is a case which goes back to the mid 80s when I was sewing professionally and enthusiastically using Homeopathy for myself, friends and family.

Clara my client sat in my workroom; I had made all the bridesmaids dresses and her going away dress in those 1980s Laura Ashley floral prints and all seemed to be well.
Then, she turned to me and pointed to the corner of her mouth “The wedding is two weeks away and I have this horrible cold sore” she said sadly looking at it in the mirror. “I’ve tried putting eau de cologne on it and stuff from the chemist but it is not shifting. I am going to look a right mess for this wedding.” She was really not pleased at all “I can’t cover this with makeup it’s going to look awful” she continued.
Clara a gentle soul in her mid 50s wanted things to be just so for this, second time around wedding. Her first marriage by her own admission had a rushed affair and her husband Alex had died some three years previously after a long illness. She was keen to make the best of things, move on and have things just so. “I feel so sad” she said ” I need to get a grip though and sort this out somehow …have you got any ideas Fiona ?”
I remembered reading something about Nat Mur a remedy for grief in the leaflet from the health shop and was sure it mentioned cold sores in the description so duly offered her the bottle of Nat Mur 30c that it was worth a go.
I never knew how many she had taken or how often but she came back to see me the next week for a final dress adjustment with one of her bridesmaids and her mouth was clear with no sign of there ever having been a cold sore there.
I treated Clara again some twenty years later and she had never had a recurrence of the cold sores. people-2595862_1920.jpg
Fiona is a Registered Homeopath working almost exclusively via Skype and Zoom …she specialises in anxiety, depression and grief and can be contacted via her website www.fionadilston.co.uk