Moonlight Gem Essences

These are my own range of gem essences made predominantly between 2000 and 2004 while I was living in Mytholmroyd in West Yorkshire.
They are made from a range of crystals ranging from the very familiar to the much less well known
This page is a work in progress so do excuse the rough and ready nature of things …if you have any problems do drop me a message.

The essence information is in the PDFs below that can be downloaded for your personal use.
gemessencesa2b  Essences A-B
gemessencesc2f   Essences C-F
gemessencesg2m Essences G-M
gemessencesn2r   Essences N-R
gemessencess2z  Essences S-Z

If you are interested in buying individual, a selection or indeed a whole set of the essences which are presented in sugar pillule form please drop me a message below.