Brenda was mid 40s with a troublesome menstrual cycle and had been diagnosed by the consultant at the hospital with a cyst on her ovary and endometriosis. She had a less than easy menstrual history where here cycles had always been pretty troublesome even from her menarche at age eleven.

Two children later and after a sterilisation she had chosen because of an escapee coil things were not great. Her bleeding was painful and excessive with pain at ovulation time too. She continued that she was feeling generally wiped out.

We were working with this on the hop somewhat as I had not time to treat her and she had come to me quite late in the game….but never being one to say never I took her case in my sitting room as we drank tea and decided upon the remedy Folliculinum which I felt fitted her very giving and caring nature which could be prone to snapping at times and getting resentful.

I added in Oophorinum too and reiterated that we were really short on time here and that I was not too hopeful of success in such a short time frame.

I was shopping when I received a text from her about ten days later from the hospital where she had gone for a scan “What a clever Homeopath you are !!! The cyst has gone and they cannot see any endo.”
Her next few periods were a lot less painful and heavy and though I cannot say that she flew through menopause we got her through this bit with relative grace and ease and no surgery was ever needed.
Fiona practises on line via Skype and Zoom and her website is ..she specialises in anxiety, depression and grief but is acutely aware that the emotional and physical cannot be separated.