Training Courses with Fiona

EFT Practitioner Training at Gallery 339, Skircoat Green Rd,Halifax West Yorkshire
24/25 March 2108  £375 (or early bird of £333 by end of January)
Please call me on 07753505292 or use the contact form below for more information and to book your place.

EFT Practitioner Training inStockport, Manchester
12/13 May 2018  £375 (or earlybird of £333 by end of March)
There is some overnight accomodation available at this venue which is very handy for Stockport railway station.
Please call me on 07753505292 for more information and bookings or use the contact form below.
Accomodation is to be booked direct with Oriana

The course covers the following and is approved by Balens insurers …

The Development of EFT
How and why EFT has evolved
The different interpretations of why EFT works
Variations of EFT

Using EFT skilfully
Clarifying the problem to be treated
Ensuring the client is congruent with the process
Identifying the tapping points and how to use them
The significance of language
What to say when tapping and why
What not to say when tapping
How to use gentle suggestion
Getting in tune with the client
Increasing practitioner awareness
The best questions to ask the client
Demonstrating that you understand the problem
Handling difficulties
Why EFT might not work and what to do about it
Handling intense emotional reactions (abreactions)
Clients who may seem to lack motivation
Working with emotions
How to address anxiety, panic attacks and phobias
Resolving anger, shame, guilt and confidence problems
Helping with grief, sadness and loss
Working with beliefs
Identifying limiting beliefs and negative self-worth
Understanding the relationship with beliefs and feelings
Converting negative beliefs to positive ones
Working with physical problems
How to use EFT for pain and healing
How to use EFT for allergies and migraines
How to use EFT for travel and sea sickness
Working with food, alcohol and addictions
Clearing urges, cravings and habits
Addressing self sabotage
Teaching EFT to individuals for self help
Children and teenagers
The role of parents
How to present EFT to children
Working with bullying problems, exam stress and anxieties
EFT & Performance
Maximising sports performance
Resolving stage fright and concert nerves
Business presentations and public speaking
Your EFT Practice
Structuring the session(s) and time
Attracting clients
Running introductory workshops

Post-course support
Free post course advice and support
Formal supervision also available in person or via Skype
Further training workshops and masterclasses will be available according to need ♥